Three Reasons to Consider Renting a Trade Show Exhibit Instead of Buying

Trade shows can produce impressive returns on investment, especially for companies that keep a close eye on their expenses. Elaborate, specialized booths can cost many thousands of dollars, but there are other options. As those who research exhibits online will see, for example, affordable rentals suit the needs of many businesses well. There are quite a few reasons to consider renting trade show exhibits instead of buying.

Renting Makes Sense for Many Trade Show Participants

Some companies make trade shows core parts of their marketing strategies, and that can easily be appropriate. In cases like that, it will often seem naturally appropriate to purchase fully customized exhibits and all the supporting assets.

There are also many situations, though, where rentals will be even more suitable. Some of the benefits that can easily come from renting a trade show exhibit instead of buying include:

  • Risk management. Some types of business are naturally suited to trade shows, while the connection is less obvious for others. Choosing to rent a trade show exhibit will allow a company to test the waters without committing overly much. Should the venture fail, it will be possible to walk away without worrying about sunk costs. Should the initiative prove productive, it will always be possible to commit more deeply thereafter.
  • Freshness. Owning an expensive trade show exhibit generally means needing to pay off its cost over the course of at least a few years. Rental exhibits, on the other hand, can be found in the latest styles and layouts at all times. Choosing to rent an exhibit will mean always having access to the newest and most interesting options.
  • Costs. More than anything else, renting a trade show exhibit is a proven way to save money. In some cases, companies buy expensive exhibits that deteriorate over time while sitting around unused. A rental exhibit will never pose such problems and will cost a lot less to obtain.

The Best Option in Many Cases

For reasons like these and others, choosing to rent trade show exhibits can easily prove superior to buying. Especially for companies that are not already committed to making frequent trade show appearances, renting can end up making the most sense of all.