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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Divorce

Due to the fact that most people lack legal expertise, there are various questions they ask regarding marriages, some are for individual cases but others keep coming up every now and then. This article outlines frequently divorce fags and their responses.

Can we arrive at divorce terms verbally? In a perfect world, nobody would be needed to worry because everybody would stick to their promises. However, this is not possible in this world. While talking about the terms of divorce can seem productive, what you agree upon are not legally binding till the two of you put them in writing. Until there is an indisputable record of divorce that adhere to the requirement by the law, the court is denied a way of ensuring these agreements are adhered to.

How possible is it to stop proceedings with divorce after it has begun. There are instances of stopping a divorce case proceeding after it has begun. Nevertheless, this is only possible if your spouse and you have not entered into a legally binding contract and the judge is yet to finalize any decree. If you feel it in the best of your interest to do away with the process before it is over, you should file a petition to dismiss the divorce. You should be fully settled that this is what you want then inform your lawyer soonest possible to avoid complications.

Is self-representation an option is should consider? Although you can represent yourself in the case of divorce, you should not. It is not favorable due to the many things at stake; assets, children, and property, among others. By representing yourself, you increase your chances of losing huge amounts because divorce is very complicated. Apart from lacking legal training that is necessary for reaching a satisfactory resolution, you will also be burdened navigating the complication of divorce while dealing with stressful family life and working your regular job.

How is the legal fees payment determined? Factors such as financial stability of each, earnings of each spouse, how long a marriage has lasted, if litigation is necessary, and more are used to determine the cost of a divorce and who pays for what. Uncontested divorces cost less than contested divorces. If possible, you and your spouse should pay your respective legal expenses and if not, a court can ask the person earning high amounts to pay for a portion of your legal fees. Assets can also be sold in order to pay for legal expenses.

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