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How To Stop an Internal Theft in Your Business

During an investigation of theft in a company in most cases the first people to be interrogated are the employees. This is meant to make sure that none of the employees is involved in the theft. Apart from the sophisticated theft you will find that there are some of the employees who can’t be trusted within the company. There are those employees who manipulate the actual sales and include more sales to earn a higher commission. While other steals items from the warehouse to either sell or use it for personal use.

The first thing that you should be on the lookout for is behavior changes in some of the employees. Watch out for employees who like taking drugs or are known to alcohol use in an uncontrolled way. The reason is that they are likely to steal from the company to fund the lifestyle. The other thing that you should raise concern on an employee who adopts a lifestyle that is beyond their pay grade. These include buying expensive clothes and shoes, and other items without raise in salary.

The other thing that will help stop theft in your company is by evaluating some of the work patterns as portrayed in some of the employees. This means that you may find that there is an employee who wants to work alone or who wants to work past the working hours. This does not mean that all those employees who work late have other intentions, but there are those who use this opportunity to steal from the company.

Prior to hiring the employees to ensure that you conduct a thorough background check. The purpose of this is to ensure that the employee has not been involved in any criminal activities. Also you need to confirm from the referee that they are trusted employees before hiring them. Evaluate all the details in the curriculum vitae to ensure that the records are correct.

Ensure that you have a good relationship with all employees to make them feel like part of the company. You can do this by having team building activities which help you to bond with the employees out of the office. The benefit of this is to ensure a good working relationship between the employees. Also you need to inform the employees of all the changes within the company and also get their ideas on how to run the company. From this you are assured that no internal theft occurs since the employees feel trusted.

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